Ambassador of Rome in the World




Gianni Davis of the century Battista Rizzuti
I was born in Calabria .... twice a few years ago ... and artistically speaking in Rome
At thirteen he moved to Rome where he learned to play guitar and studied singing with IL Maestro Carlo and Mario Areden Raspanti at the well-known record company RCA.
With her sister Romilde in Art Romy Ry began composing the first song for the house Discografiaca Krites.
In the 70s he began his career as a singer with her sister founded the group of "Faces" and then performing the Nocturnes in the squares, dance halls, clubs throughout Italy.
Inspired by Italian and foreign models "Beat" of the 70 rooms of the professional level.
It stands out as a solo artist "Gianni Davis" accounting for the Euro Discs her first 45 "A town fairy tale" follows "The things you're about to do" and then "A son but because" I'm so sorry ma'am " Free "Before" Dreaming "ect ...
He has participated in many Festivals, program tv touring abroad.
Sing Giro-Seven voices-Festival of the Rose-Super Show-ranking Arcobaleno Italian. Good Morning Italy - America Sound - It Parade ect ..
In the 80s he founded together with the Bernardini Management "Riber Music".
Past the opposite side becomes the Artist Manager, it promotes events, national and international Festival, a program for Radio and TV. Rome Capital Events.
He works with many Italian artists such as Gianni Morandi- Rich and Poor - Pupo - Riccardo Fogli - Scialpi- Toto Cutugno - Albano and Romina- Little Tony - Bobby Solo - Marcella - Ruggeri- Matia Bazar- bench- Ligabue- Dik Dik- Don Backy- ect ....
In the 80 and followed by Gianni Davis Discography is also involved in founding "The Carrozzone Musical Edition" and working as a producer in Italy and abroad.
After a long absence as artist he returns to his first love launching on the market three new songs:Mamma Roma"L'anima del mondo" Serenata Romantica.
It ordained with the song "Mamma Roma" by the Foreign Ministry and the Municipality of Roma Capitale to represent Rome as ambassador in the world
It all starts in 2013 with his arrival in the city of Kiev Ukraine at the presentation of Mamma Videos Rome and also to sing the song "O sole mio" and is immediately successful exhibiting in various theaters in the cities of Ukraine.
Gianni Davis and the soundtrack of Italian music in the world with a professional and cultural background, providing a show that left its mark in the name of Italian music.
Available with bases with pianist or Orchestra
also present in Italy with his show "The Last Romantic" his new CD name

Festival dreaming of Sanremo